September 23, 2021



Aditya Narayan Celebrate His 34th Birthday With Family

Bollywood Singer and TV host Aditya Narayan is celebrating his 34th birthday today. At present, Aditya is the host of Indian Idol 12. Aditya, who played the role of a child artist in films like Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai, Rangeela, Pardes, has also made his mark in singing but in an interview he had said that at one point he used to think that if he could play the role of popular singer Udit Narayan. If there were no sons, people would have taken them seriously.

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Aditya had said, “First thing I want to say to those who feel that I am privileged and I am enjoying my life, I pray from my heart that in the next life, he becomes the son of any grown man. When you cricketer, actor, engineer, doctor and one of your parents is a master in this field, you don’t know how difficult it becomes for the kids.

Recalling his struggle, Aditya said, “There was a time when I used to think that if I was not Udit Narayan’s son, people would take me seriously and I could prove my point. I used to think this too. That if my father hadn’t been a well-known musician in the country, there would be things for me to achieve. And above all, the pressure of expectations and comparisons.”

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Talking about the success ratio, Aditya Narayan said that the people who are doing really well are all outsiders. “If you think about popular singers, actors, lyricists, directors, most of them have no industry background,” he says.

Aditya said, “I agree that we get the first chance easily. But this industry is commerce driven. Only those people will be given work who can benefit. Obviously talent also matters. But unless your movies or songs make a profit, you are nothing.”

Aditya gave an example of his career and said, “The TV shows that I am hosting are doing well. I may be a good host, but what is working in my favor is the good TRP of the show and There is sponsorship. Success has nothing to do with whether you are an insider or an outsider.”

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