Justin Bieber Slowly Recover From Facial Paralysis

Hollywood pop singer Justin Bieber shared the video and told that he has got a disease named ‘Ramsay Hunt Syndrome’. After which Britain’s plastic reconstructive surgeon Charles Anduka said that Justin’s signs of a quick recovery are visible. The surgeon told in an interview, 75 percent of patients who take steroid and antiviral treatment at the initial stage make a complete recovery.

Charles said in a media interview, “In the video shared by Mr. Bieber, I notice that some of them are showing signs of recovery. The most common thing in facial paralysis is not blinking and not being able to smile. Such patients I have the same face first and then his nose and facial muscles improve. After that he is able to smile. I hope Bieber will recover from the treatment soon.”

While sharing the video, Justin told that he has ‘Ramsay Hunt syndrome’ affecting the nerves of his ear and face. Singer notices that his right-sighted eye is not blinking. Justin told in the video that he had canceled tours to Toronto and Washington due to face paralysis.

Justin said in the video, “This is for those who are frustrated with the cancellation of my upcoming shows, I am not physically able to do my shows. My body is telling me to take some rest. I think you guys You’ll understand this.”

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