August 19, 2022



Marvel Studios “Eternals” Teaser Out Now

Marvel Studios has released the exciting teaser trailer and new poster of the film ‘Eternals’. Now the wait of the audience is over. The film is directed by Academy Award winner Chloe Zhao. Seeing its teaser, the curiosity of fans has increased. It is reported that Marvel Studios ‘Eternals’ is going to be an exciting film. The film will have an amazing story spanning thousands of years, portraying the characters as immortal heroes. The characters will be forced to unite against The Deviants, the oldest enemies of the human species. There is more than one actor and actress in the film, due to which the film will try to cash in on the world. Earlier the first look of Marvel Studios’ ‘Eternals’ was released, which featured a strong glimpse of Angelina Jolie. Now, scenes from other scenes of the film have also been shared.

Marvel Studios shared the iconic moments of the last three MCU phase. In the film, you will see an ensemble cast. Of these, Richard Madden will be seen as the most powerful Ikaris. Gemma Chan will appear as Sersi, a lover of the human species. In addition, Kumail Nanjiani will show his performance to the audience as Kingo, while Lauren Ridloff will be in the role of Makkari. On the other hand, Brian Tyree Henry is also not far behind. They will appear as intelligent inventors Phastos.

The film also features Salma Hayek. She will shine as her fast and spiritual character Ajak. Please tell that she is busy with films once again after recovering from Corona. Recently, he told that after suffering from corona last year, his effect has remained on his health till now.

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