January 27, 2023

Malaika Arora Builds Hype For Her New Show

Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora is in limelight these days because of her show ‘Moving in with Malaika’. In the latest promo of the show, Malaika is seen on a holiday with her sister Amrita Arora. During this, Malaika was seen shouting badly on Amrita.

Malaika Arora is seen dancing in the beginning of the promo. At the same time, Amrita Arora along with the restaurant staff and all the guests cheer them. After this, it is seen that Malaika looks at Amrita and shouts what have you done to my phone? Is this a prank? Amrita says this is not a prank, then both the sisters go inside the restaurant and ask them to put their phones down and not video them.

When Malaika and Amrita came out of the restaurant again, Amrita said to Malaika, ‘You always tell me just anything. The whole restaurant has seen what has happened. On this Malaika said nothing happened, ‘I just lost my phone. I gave you my phone to click the picture, that’s all, after that I didn’t even touch my phone.’ Responding to which Amrita said, ‘Don’t tell me anything, you please go in the car. Malaika sits in the car and after that Amrit went inside and guys I will have another drink.

In the recent episode of Bollywood actress Malaika Arora’s talk show ‘Moving In With Malaika’, she invited her son Arhaan and sister Amrita for lunch. During this, his mother also appeared in the show. However, Malaika’s sister Amrita appeared angry with her in the show. Actually a few days ago Malaika did stand up comedy in the show. During this, he had roasted his sister a lot. But Amrita did not like Malaika’s joke.

Malaika Arora is in limelight these days because of her show Moving in with Malaika. Now recently in an episode of the show, his sister and actress Amrita Arora participated. During the show, Malaika has said that her sister’s husband is very rich while she has to do standup. Although Malaika has said these things under comedy. In this show, he has openly talked about his personal and professional life.

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