Reality Show “Bigg Boss” Contestant “Mahira Sharma” Said I Will Never Meet Shehnaaz Gill Again

Actress Shahnaz Gill and Mahira Sharma relationship in Bigg Boss house did not look very good. Initially she became good friends for a few days, but later their quarrels became common. Mahira does not want to see Shehnaaz’s face after the show ends. She says’ I am a very honest person. There was never any problem from my side. Shehnaz had said on the show that she does not consider me her friend. I also don’t like people who are not honest and just flip. I did not meet Shahnaz at all after the show

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Mahira and Shehnaz had a fight over many issues in the house. In the early times, when Paras gave more attention to Mahira instead of Shahnaz, then Shahnaz’s relationship with Mahira had deteriorated a lot. But now that the show is over, Paras and she are just good friends according to Mahira. She says’ Paras is my good friend and always will be. He will also be seen in the show ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karge’. Now I must be dancing in their wedding. People felt that something was going on between Paras and me ‘.

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Mahira played a very long innings in Bigg Boss 13. She stood firmly in the show from the beginning. It is a different matter that they were accused many times of playing with the help of Paras. On not being able to make the top 5 place.

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Mahira says’ I consider myself very lucky that I was a part of the season that proved to be such a big hit. I am proud that I was able to reach the top 7 and stayed in the show for four and a half months and beat all the wild card entries as well.

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