August 19, 2022



Film “Nazarbattu” Based On Male Gaze And Voyeurism; Streaming On 28 March

“Nazarbattu” is a short film based on how men gaze at a woman irrespective of what is she wearing and how she presents herself. Men look at her as if she is put in an exhibition or some commodity to consume. Sometimes, she chooses to ignore and sometimes is too tired to oppose such lecherous stares. Men take her silence as acceptance and continue to satisfy their voyeuristic needs by taking such pleasure.

She starts her routine with a daily struggle of what to wear and how to look. She forces herself to look strong-willed and not vulnerable and available with the attire she chooses to put on. Despite, men stare at her bosom and butt. They have the wildest imagination in which they can picture her in their filthy minds as they want. They are so lost in their imaginary world that they tend to ignore the feeling of a woman.
Eyes those stare with malign intentions is pure evil. And, women need a Nazarbattu – a protective shield to fight the evil! But where is Nazarbattu? Who needs to find the protection? Who is going to come forward and stand their guard?

Nazarbattu – a protection from evil eyes. Who are these eyes? Why does it bother? Who do they stare? What do they get by staring? And No, we do not attempt to answer these questions. Ask yourself. Every woman keeps her own ‘Nazarbattu’ to guard herself. And No! We do not dare to answer these questions. Make an effort to find answers within yourself, not in this film

Film concept is pen down and directed by Parveen and cinematography by Divya Negi.

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