September 16, 2021



Aamir Khan Completes Shooting Of The Film In Srinagar

After Akshay Kumar, Siddharth Malhotra, Ajay Devgan in the Corona period, Aamir Khan has also completed the shooting of his mega-budget film. His film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ got wrapped up in Srinagar on Monday evening. Confirming the same, a source close to the film said, “Now there will hardly be any number of shoots left in Mumbai and Jaipur. There will be only patch work. The Kargil schedule was the longest and most important for the makers. There the film’s hero Lal Singh Chaddha was there. From training to army recruitment, Bala Se Dosti and Kargil War sequences have been shot. The hero’s friend in the film is named Bala. He is played by Nagarjuna’s son Nagachaitanya.”

Kargil DM Santosh Sukhdev shared an interesting fact during a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar and said, “The width on the road was less at the location of Sarukha Thang. There, Aamir Khan got the two and a half kilometer long road widened. In which he did the contractor on his behalf. Hired and got the road built. Then they shot there.”

Sharing more details, a source close to the film said, “Aamir Khan has got a huge burden off his head. Now he has heaved a sigh of relief. It has been ensured that there will be no further delay in this film. The film may release on Christmas. However, in such a situation, he will have to clash with Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa’. In this schedule, the sequence of Hero’s training in the Indian Army to Bala’s friendship there has been filmed. It took place in Srinagar from August 2 to August 9. The sequences of Dosti and War were shot in Kargil. Everyone feared that if the Kargil schedule did not happen due to weather or any other reason, then the film would have to face the possible hit of the third wave of Kovid. can.”

Only the sequences of Kargil War were shot for 23 days. Its shooting started on 6 July. It was completed on 29 July. Then everyone came to Srinagar. There the shooting went on from 2 August to 9 August. That entire crew had reached Kargil on 29 June. Then from July 6, everyone shot a continuous. There was a break of Eid in between. Sources said, “Bofors like ‘Sher Shah’ was not made and carried here. That’s because ‘Sher Shah’ is dedicated to Kargil War. The story of ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ ranges from ‘Operation Blue Star’ to Kargil War. Travels till now. In such a situation, there was no need to take much support from the Indian Army.

Sources in Aamir Khan Production House gave another additional information. That is, during location reiki, he liked a location at the height of the mountain in Kargil. He was about to build Kargil airport there. The road to reach that location was very narrow. There Aamir Khan spent one crore rupees to get the way ready. The administration was given one and a half months. Later, two or two trucks started passing from there at a time.

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