August 14, 2022



There Is 32 Thousand Crores Corona Vaccination Scam In India?

As the second wave of corona virus in the country, the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court continue to hear separate petitions related to Covid. In this connection, another petition has been filed in the Supreme Court today, which claims that there is a scam of Rs. 32 thousand crores in the vaccination campaign.

This petition has been filed on behalf of advocate Deepak Anand Christ. The petition has also questioned the policies of the central government to deal with Corona. The petitioner said that the corona vaccine has been prepared in western countries, but their cost and price does not exceed 150-200 rupees.

At the same time, the same vaccine is available to the common people in the country for up to Rs 600. Now, when people over the age of 18 are about to get vaccinated, the price has also gone up. According to an estimate, 800 million people are yet to receive vaccine supplements. In such a situation, if the cost of the vaccine is calculated, then a scam of 32 thousand crores comes out.

The petitioner said that Prime Minister Modi created the National Scientific Force, but he did not have a meeting in February-March. This is because assembly elections were going on in some states. Apart from this, the petition also said that the US President also does not have the right to impose lockdown in the whole country but the Indian Prime Minister has.

The petition said that even by putting a lockdown in the country, but nothing was achieved from it. The petition said that the problem was more governmental resources than resources. Advocate Deepak Anand Christ appealed to the court to order the government to formulate the right policies and implement them.

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