August 19, 2022



Supreme Court Questioning The Modi Government

A hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Tuesday about the scarcity of oxygen and other problems in the second wave of Corona. The court asked the Center, what is your national plan to deal with the crisis? Is vaccination the main option.

At the beginning of the hearing, the Supreme Court clearly stated, ‘We need to save people’s lives. Whenever we feel the need, we will interfere. We cannot remain mute spectators at the time of national disaster. We want to fulfill the responsibility of helping the High Courts. In this case, those courts (HCs) also have to play an important role. The Supreme Court will now hear the matter on April 30.

1. SC asked the Center – Center has to clarify the current situation regarding the supply of oxygen. How much oxygen is there? How much do states need? What is the basis of the allocation of oxygen from the center to the states? What process has been adopted to know how fast the states need it?

2. Increasing critical health needs. Covid beds should also be increased.

3. Describe the steps that have been taken to meet the shortage of essential medicines like Remadecivir and Faviprivir.

4. Two vaccines, such as CoviShield and Covaxin, are currently available. How much vaccine will everyone need to apply? What are the rationale and basis behind the different pricing of these vaccines?

5. Answer by 28 April what are the issues related to infrastructure for vaccination of 18+ population.

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