August 14, 2022



Over 3.86 Lakh Corona Cases In Last 24 hours In India

The pace of Corona is not seen in the country. More than three lakh cases of corona have been reported in the country for the ninth consecutive day. In the past 24 hours, there have been 3,86,693 cases of corona virus and 3502 deaths.

This is the ninth day when Corona cases have reached more than three lakhs and the figure is approaching four lakhs. With this, the rate of infection in the country has also reached 21.2 percent. This means that out of every 100 people doing the test, 21 people are getting positive.

From April 6, more than 1 lakh cases were reported daily and after 24 days the figure has started approaching 4 lakh. Along with this, it is worrying that for the last few days, the death toll has remained above three thousand. The death toll has started rising since 13 April.

On Thursday, 66,159 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported and 771 patients died in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, the total number of infected people increased to 45,39,553, while the total number of dead increased to 67,985. The Health Department said that 68,537 patients were discharged from hospitals during this period.

Currently, 6,70,301 patients are under treatment in Maharashtra. According to the Health Department, the health rate of Kovid patients in Maharashtra is 83.69 percent while the death rate is 1.5 percent. Meanwhile, 4,174 new cases were reported in Mumbai and 82 patients died. With this, the total number of infected people increased to 6,44,583, while the number of dead increased to 13,036.

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