October 5, 2022



Corona Vaccine Registration Open For 18 Years Old People

The government has made a big announcement on vaccination amid growing Corona cases. From May 1, everyone over the age of 18 will be able to get the vaccine. The government has also decided that the companies making the vaccine will supply 50% of their supplies to the center. They can supply the remaining 50% to state governments or sell it in the open market. Registration through COVIN will be required for vaccination as before.


Till now people above the age of 45 years were being given the Corona vaccine across the country. 12.38 crore people have taken the first or second dose of vaccine across the country. According to the order issued by the government on Monday evening, the new policy will be implemented from May 1, 2021 and it will also be reviewed as per the requirement.


The government has asked the vaccine manufacturers that the phase-3 vaccine companies will supply 50% of the total vaccine produced in the month to the center. The remaining 50% will be exempted from selling by state governments and in the open market.

Companies will have to deliver 50% of the vaccine to the states and the open market before May 1, according to a fixed quota. Companies must decide its price in advance. After this, the state government, private hospitals, industrial units will be able to buy the vaccine directly from the companies. Private institutions applying vaccines will also have to disclose the charge in advance.

Vaccination at government and private centers will be included in the national immunization program. The protocol followed for vaccination has to be followed. Registration will be done on the Covin portal as before. Also, after the vaccine is applied, its serious side effects (adversary event) will also have to be reported. Information on stock and price of vaccine at the center will also have to be given real time.

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