August 14, 2022



Why Ramanand Sagar’s Granddaughter “Sakshi Chopra” Didn’t Join Bollywood Industry?

Sakshi Chopra is a granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar who was the creator of the famous 90s TV serial ‘Ramayana’, is once again in the news. She is seen in a bikini avatar in Sakshi’s latest Instagram photos. Sakshi is quite popular on Instagram, she is followed by more than 5 lakh people on this platform.

Apart from being a social media celebrity, Sakshi is also a great singer. They also have their own YouTube channel. Many of his videos have been a hit on YouTube. Sakshi lives in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Meenakshi Sagar, granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar. Sakshi has done a filmmaking course after schooling at Trinity School of London from The Lee Strasbourg Theater and Film Institute in California, USA.

The 22-year-old witness shared many things in the interview 2018. During this, he had told that she is very upset due to the pressure of her grandfather’s name. Sakshi had said, “Whenever I post bold photos on social platforms, people comment. They compare me to Dada (Ramanand Sagar). Then I think what is the need to bring his name to all this ? If there is a doctor, it does not mean that their children will also be doctors. I can do anything in my life. I am lucky, my family supports me. If someone does not like my photos, do not look at them. I know that people talk behind the scenes. I do not care for them. ”


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