Why Baahubali Fame Actress Anushka Was Angry?

There were reports that Anushka Shetty’s affair with the film ‘Bahubali’ is going on with a divorced director, whom she will soon marry. Now Anushka has expressed her displeasure over all these things, calling it a rumor. she says that how can someone write such news, which also affects our families.

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According to interview, Anushka expressed anger, ‘I do not understand how anyone can write this type of news? If someone writes false news about them, then their family is also affected. People should know this. ‘

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‘None of those news is true. I am not at all impressed by such rumors. I don’t know why my marriage is such a big thing for anyone. No one can hide their relationship. So how can I hide my marriage? This is a very sensitive matter and people should deal with it with some sensitivity. ‘

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Anushka says that she does not hide the things related to her that make her happy. she said, ‘I have my own personal space and I don’t like anyone trying to enter into it. Marriage is a sacred bond. As important as any other,It is equally for me. And the day it actually happens, people will know. I am a person who does not like to hide things that make me happy. I may not publicly announce who I am marrying. But I will always welcome those who ask and am always ready to answer them. ‘

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