TV Reality Show Bigg Boss Contestant “Himanshi Khurrana” Was Surprised To Hear Asim’s Approach To Shefali

After evicted from Bigg Boss 13, Shefali Jariwala made a big disclosure. The actress said that Asim had tried to approach her before Himanshi. Now Himanshi Khurana’s reaction has come on this revelation of Shefali. Himanshi told that she had become speechless after hearing this talk of Shefali Jariwala.

According to Himanshi Khurana Interview, I respect Shefali Jariwala. But I was surprised to hear her claim about Asim. There was nothing like that. I don’t know why Shefali said such a thing. Why did Shefali feel this? Only Shefali will know this.

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‘To be honest, I was stuck between Asim and Shefali. Because I had a good bond with both of them. Both were strong. I was working to introduce both of them. They had tension among themselves but because of me they remained good with each other. As far as trying on Shefali is concerned, it has never happened. I was more close than Asim.

Shefali said- In the beginning, Asim tried to approach me. However, Aseem never said anything directly to me, but the householders were beginning to understand his intention. However, I had cleared Aseem in the beginning that I am much older than her. I had also told Aseem that I am married and not interested in him at all.

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