Sidhu Moosewala Was Getting Married Next Month

Famous Punjabi Singer Late Sidhu Moosewala was to get married next month. Earlier, he was gunned down in Jawaharke village of Mansa. Moosewala was engaged to a girl from Sangrur’s Sanghredi village. The girl currently lives in Canada. Who is a permanent citizen there. The relationship was confirmed 2 years ago.

Moosewala’s relationship with the niece of a senior Akali Dal leader was settled. Moosewala’s wedding was earlier to take place earlier this year. However, it was postponed due to contesting elections. The family had kept it a complete secret. However, after the murder of Moosewala, the villagers of the girl talked about it.

Moosewala was supposed to get married earlier this year. Then Sidhu Moosewala decided to contest the Punjab Assembly elections. Moosewala joined the Congress Party. He contested the assembly elections from Mansa. However, Moosewala lost the election. Because of this the marriage was postponed.

People from the girl’s side said that the preparations for the marriage of Moosewala and the girl were going on. The whole village was happy that Moosewala became the son-in-law. However, last night they came to know that Moosewala has been murdered. Due to which the whole village became gloomy. No one in the village ate bread. He demanded that the police immediately arrest the killers and give them the harshest punishment. They should be hanged.

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