Punjabi Actor Kartar Cheema Arrested By Punjab Police

Punjab film actor Kartar Cheema has been arrested by the Amritsar Police on Monday after Goldie Brar’s name surfaced in the murder of Jaabi Singer Sidhu Musewala. National Student Union of India (NSUI) State President Akshay Sharma has accused Goldie Brar of money laundering and threats from Canada-based Goldie Brar. Kartar Cheema was released after questioning and now he has accused Akshay of threatening her.

According to the information, NSUI State President Akshay Sharma had to take money on Kartar Cheema of Punjabi film industry. In the midst of money transactions, actor Kartar Cheema started getting Akshay to call Goldie Brar sitting in Canada. In which they started making threats. On Monday, as soon as he came to know about Kartar Cheema’s arrival in Amritsar, Akshay reached to catch him and handed him over to the police. Akshay has also placed the audio of Kartar Cheema in front of the police, in which Goldie Brar is threatening him.

After questioning, Cheema was released by the police. On the other hand, he has also accused Akshay Sharma of threatening and showing pistol. Cheema said as soon as she came out that she had made the film in partnership with Akshay. There was a loss and now Akshay is asking for money. At the same time, he also denied the connection of Goldie Brar’s audio with him. He said that the audio shown by Akshay was very old. He should have gone to the police if Goldie had threatened him then. The police should do their investigation, they have no relation with Goldie Brar sitting in Canada.

After the whole incident, now Kartar Cheema has also given a complaint against Akshay Sharma to the police. Cheema told that he had come for the shooting of the film Amritsar. Seeing him going in the car alone, surrounded him. Attacked them with 12-13 people. Akshay also took out the pistol. Seeing him alone, he was threatened.

The police released Kartar Cheema after questioning. Police say that at present, investigation is going on based on the complaint. Akshay Sharma had complained against him. Whoever is found guilty after investigation, action will be taken. The audio will also be sent to the cyber cell. Only after that the next action will be taken.

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