October 5, 2022



Prime Minister Narendra Modi Laid The Foundation Of Ram Mandir In Ayodhya After 492 Years

After 492 years, Ayodhya ji has turned the page of his history again. Year 1528- Babri Masjid was built here after the Ram temple was piled up. There was a long trial after independence. The Supreme Court ruled nine months ago. The land of quarrel was of Ram lala and today Ram Kaj started.

The temple movement was run by LK Advani, but being the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi got the chance to lay the foundation of the temple construction. The day is also important. Article 370 was removed from Kashmir on 5 August 2019. Temple construction has started on 5 August 2020. Both were BJP promises. No one knows what will happen on 5 August 2021. Maybe Modi can tell.

Prime Minister Modi arrived here on Wednesday morning. He became the first Prime Minister to worship at Hanuman Garhi and visit Ramlala. Before him Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee reached Ayodhya, but could not see Ramlala.

Modi came to Ayodhya after 29 years. Earlier, he came to Ayodhya in 1991. Murali Manohar Joshi, then BJP President, was taking out the Tiranga Yatra and Modi used to stay with him during the yatra. Modi addressed a rally in Faizabad-Ambedkar Nagar during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, but did not go to Ayodhya.


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