August 14, 2022



Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has Banned Chinese Smartphone Company Huawei 5G Technology In United Kingdom

After India, the whole world has turned against China. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has banned Chinese company Huawei Technology. Afters this ban Huawei will not be able to do its 5G business in the UK for the next seven years. Britain is believed to have taken this decision under pressure from US President Donald Trump. UK government has asked domestic telecom companies to remove all devices of Chinese company Huawei by 2027 from their 5G network.

According to reports, In January this year, the UK government had said that Huawei would be excluded from the sensitive core of 5G network and its participation in other areas would be just 35 per cent, but now the government has changed its decision.

On this decision of the UK government, Huawei has said in a statement, “It is a disappointing decision for every UK smartphone user. This decision is going to take Britain digitally backward. We will urge them to reconsider it. Let us assure that our product will not affect the security of the nation. Let me tell you that there is often a ruckus in the US about the Huawei. US officials claim that Huawei spies the citizens of the country through smartphones and provides personal information to the Chinese government, although Huawei has always denied these allegations.

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