October 5, 2022



Online Appointments Are Not Necessary For The 18–44 Age Group

The government has changed the rules of vaccination. This will provide considerable relief to the people of 18-44 age group. No more online appointments for this age group. According to the new rule, these people will be able to get their registration done by visiting vaccination centers and take an appointment. This facility will currently be offered at government vaccination centers.

Actually, even after the slots were booked for vaccines from many states, people were not reaching the vaccination center. In this case, cases of vaccine waste were increasing. The Center has taken this decision only on the basis of these reports. Apart from this, people were facing difficulties in rural areas.

Earlier, on Saturday, the Central Government, taking a step further on vaccination, approved it in private and government offices. According to this, employees in the government and private offices along with their families will also be able to get vaccinated. In order to have more people vaccinated, companies will be able to purchase vaccines directly from the manufacturer through hospitals.

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