August 14, 2022



Nisha Rawal Revealed That Karan Mehra Has Extra Marital Affair

Television Actress Nisha Rawal has made a shocking revelation about her troubled marriage with Karan Mehra. Nisha told the media that Karan had an extra-marital affair and had also assaulted Nisha. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame actor Karan was arrested on Monday night after Nisha filed a case against him at the Goregaon police station. Karan Mehta is in Punjab for a long time shooting for a Punjabi show.

Shocking! Nisha Rawal Shares Disturbing Images Of Injury From Last Night,  Accuses Karan Mehra Of Having A Physical Extramarital Affair

Nisha told the media- It is very shameful to meet all of you like this because we have always been meeting on red carpet events. I am here only because of Kavish (Nisha-Karan’s son). We are together for 14 years. Many things happened in these years but nobody came to know anything.

Nisha further told- Karan has had an affair with another girl, about which I did not know. When I came to know about it, he admitted that he had another girl in his life. I asked if he was having a physical affair, was it a serious matter or an emotional one. He said, ‘I love that girl. I have had a physical relationship with him.
Nisha told that the girl is from Delhi and the affair started when Karan was shooting a TV show in Chandigarh away from the family. Nisha did not know how to react to this.

Meet Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal's baby boy - movies

As soon as the matter of the affair came to the fore, I asked him to sit and talk. Then the next day I went to my mother-in-law’s house. I told them everything. He asked us to talk. I told him that if Karan says sorry and wants to make everything right, I will try. But even after all this, he did not make any effort even though I tried a lot. Looking at Karan’s behavior in the last 14 years, this is not a new thing. I tried to maintain his image because we are actors and doing all this can affect our career.
We also have a child. Whenever Karan used to apologize, I was right. I really wanted to believe him. But then I had to speak up because domestic abuse is not okay.

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