August 14, 2022



Major Worldwide Music Festival Events Will Be Infected Due To Corona Virus

Coronavirus has canceled many major events worldwide. thousands gathered at the music festival Vive Latino to be held in Mexico. Vive Latino is considered one of the big festivals in Mexico. At the same time, the number of people infected with corona in the country has increased to 41. However, no death has been reported so far.

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The two-day event began on Saturday. According to the English website Hollywood Reporter, the organizers said that more than 70 thousand tickets have been sold for both days of this two-day festival. However, the organizers took precautions regarding the virus. In addition to regular checking, health checkup was done at two levels, including fever at the time of admission. Few people were seen wearing masks in the program.

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Alan Miranda, who arrived at the event, said that people are overreacting to this threat. there is a lot of attention given to cleanliness in our Mexico. In such a situation limits such threats. Santiago, who arrived with his wife and 9-year-old daughter, told that, we thought that we might be prone to this virus anytime, but we thought of taking the risk and came here.

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