Is Bollywood Actress Kajol Starrer Short Film ‘Devi’ Has Been Accused Of Theft”

Bollywood Actress Kajol, Neha Dhupia and Shruti Haasan starrer short film ‘Devi’ has been accused of theft. Student from Noida’s Asian Academy of Film and Television Abhishek Rai, says that ‘Devi’ is very similar to his five-and-a-half-minute film ‘Four’. Abhishek has written a post on Facebook in this context.

Abhishek wrote, “Here is something I want to bring to everyone’s attention. Two years ago when we were in film school, we made a short film under Andakari Production, titled ‘Four’. In this, a rape victim encounters other victims sitting in a room. Yesterday, a film called ‘Devi’ was uploaded from YouTube channel called Large Short Films, in which very similar to our film Receives. Our film is based on the same.

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