Hollywood Rapper “Pop Smoke” Shot Several Time By Two Masked Men

20 Year Old Rapper Pop Smoke was shot and killed on Wednesday. According to media reports, two masked miscreants barged into the rapper’s house and shot him. Smoke was famous for Welcome to the Party and Dior.

According to sources, this incident has been carried out with the intention of robbery. Two masked men entered the house and shot the rapper several shots one after the other. The injured Smoke was taken to the Medical Center in West Hollywood with the help of an ambulance, where he was declared dead by doctors.

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The rapper was arrested at Kennedy National Airport in January, according to The New York Times. He was accused of stealing the Black 2019 Rolls Royce for a music concert. Not only this, he was accused that he also tried to send the stolen car to New York. However Smoke was later left on a $ 250,000 vine.

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In October, police blocked five New York rappers, including Smoke, from performing at the Hip Hop Festival. According to the police, these rappers were involved in spreading violence in the city.

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