Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp’s Getting Into Another Legal Mess

Superstar Johnny Depp is seen getting into another legal mess. This time Johnny has shared some text messages, in which he is using very lewd language for his wife Amber Hurd. During the hearing in the court, the judge heard about 70 thousand messages.

Johnny has a case against the newspaper The Sun and executive editor Dan Wootton. The actor has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper for writing an incorrect article against him. According to reports, Johnny sent some messages to actor Paul Batney in 2013.

In a message sent to Paul, the actor is talking about killing his wife Amber Hurd. “Let’s burn Amber, we’ll drown it before we burn it.” in many messages, Johnny has used quite vulgar language for amber. Paul has appeared in films like ‘Legion’, ‘Priest’, ‘The Vinci Code’, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

A few days ago an audio went viral, in which Amber agrees that she had beaten Johnny. As soon as the audio went viral, Justice for Johnny Depp started trending on social media.

In the audio that is going viral, both the stars are talking about the fight. Amber is agreeing that she killed Johnny. Amber has appeared in films such as Aquaman, Never Back Down. Johnny Depp has been a part of the hit series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

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