August 14, 2022



Himachal Pradesh Chamba District Ranked 4th By World Health Organization Team In The Country

Himachal Pradesh chamba district was ranked fourth in the TB eradication program in 112 districts of the country. The World Health Organization team reached the Medical College where, team members examined all the data of the TB district concerned and they also counseling them to bring the district from fourth to first place. The TB eradication program reviewed 112 supporting districts in the country. Chamba got the fourth place in this.

The World Health Organization team also held a meeting with other health officials, including the Chief Medical Officer. The team gives the guidelines to the health officials to implement this program in a better way in future. The Principal of the Medical College, Dr. Purushottam Puri said that the WHO team inspected the Chamba Medical College regarding the TB eradication program. The team has also given guidelines and suggestions to implement this program in more good ways.

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