August 19, 2022



Haryana Government Imposes Night Curfew From 10 Pm To 5 Am

The second wave of Corona infection is causing tax in many parts of the country. Even in Haryana, the situation is not normal. The number of infections and deaths due to this infection is increasing. Due to this, strict instructions have been issued by the state government on Friday.

According to the order of the state government, there will be a restriction on leaving the house between 10 am and 5 am. All schools-colleges and other institutions will remain closed till 30 April.
Expansion of new guidelines

1) Between 10 am and 5 am, no citizen will leave the house with foot or vehicle etc. People connected with law and health care and other essential services will be relieved.

2) Social distance will have to be followed in the daytime markets. Bank management will also have to make all the arrangements including the sanerizer inside the bank premises or ATMs.

3) For not using the mask in a proper manner, a fine of Rs 500 will be charged on the spot while taking action under Section 188.

4) People have to be aware of vaccination. A special campaign related to vaccination will also be conducted by the Social and Family Welfare Department in various offices for at least one week from April 20.

5) Till April 30, all government-non-government institutions like schools, colleges, coaching centers, etc. will remain closed. Violation of this rule will result in strictest action against the management concerned.

6)More than 50 people will not be able to gather under one roof in religious and cultural ceremonies. This capacity will be 200 in the open. Also, the Corona Safety Protocol will have to be taken care of during this time.

7)Hotels, restaurants or other hospitality places can also be opened only in areas where there is no containment zone.

On the other hand, 5858 new patients have been confirmed in the state during the last 24 hours. 18 people lost the battle of life from Corona. The number of active cases in the state has reached 29 thousand 236, which is a record level. The condition of 415 patients in the entire state remains critical, of which 342 are on oxygen and 73 on ventilator.

Apart from this, the recovery rate falling continuously in the state has now come down from 90 to 89.92 percent. The positive rate has again crossed 5.01 to 5.01. For the first time, the death rate has come down to .99.

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