‘Harry Potter’ Fame Actor “Daniel Radcliffe” Denied The News That He Is Suffering From Corona Virus

Hollywood Biggest Blockbuster Series Harry Potter Famed Actor Daniel Radcliffe has also fallen victim to Corona’s rumor. There was a news that Daniels is coronated. But he denied this rumor.

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Australian radio jockey asks Daniel if you are safe. To this Danielle replied that, it is quite funny, I went to the hair and makeup room yesterday during a play. My makeup artist told me that her niece messaged her and told her that Danielle had a corona. The artist also showed me the tweet, stating that Daniel Radcliffe is the first celebrity to suffer from coronavirus.

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On the rumor of his becoming ill, Daniel said, “I am always sick and I can trust you because of my blondes.” Some time ago, a rumor was spread on Twitter that Daniels was suffering from coronavirus.

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