August 14, 2022



Google Apologizes To Karnataka Government

The search engine Google called Kannada the most vulgar language in India. Due to which Google was constantly facing criticism. After this, on Thursday, the spokesperson of Google India apologized to the Indians by giving a statement. He said it was just a technical mistake. This is not the company’s own thinking.

Actually, whenever a user used to search ‘ugliest language in India’ on Google, then ‘Kannada language’ was written in the answer. The Karnataka government had also talked about giving notice to the Google company regarding this.

After this, a spokesperson of Google India told the news agency that the search is not always true. Sometimes questioning on the Internet can yield startling answers. We know it’s not good. However, whenever we get any complaint regarding these, we take corrective action by paying special attention. Also we constantly improve our algorithm. However, Google has no opinion in this. People’s sentiments have been hurt by this misunderstanding. We apologize to all about this.

Many leaders including former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and BJP MP from Bangalore Central PC Mohan criticized Google’s move. He had asked the company to apologize and make amends. PC Mohan said through a social media post that Kannada is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world. There have been many great scholars in this.

At the same time, Karnataka Minister Arvind Limbavali said that the Kannada language, which came into existence about 2500 years ago, has a different history of its own. It has been the pride of Kannada people since two and a half centuries. Now if Google calls it the worst language, then it is an attempt to tarnish this pride.

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