Divya Khosla Kumar Supporting Accused Actor Pearl V Puri

TV actor Pearl V Puri is in police custody for raping a minor. Meanwhile, some bigwigs of the glamor world are violating the rules in their defence. Earlier in support of Pearl, Ekta Kapoor had made public the audio of the conversation with the victim’s mother. Now Divya Khosla Kumar, who has worked with him in a music video, has made public the identity of the victim’s parents.

According to the judgment of the Supreme Court, no person can disclose the identity of a rape victim through any platform, print, electronic or social media, nor any information which gives a possibility or way to identify the victim. At present, no decision has been taken in the case of Pearl V Puri. They are accused of rape.

According to the law, the identity of the rape victim or any information related to her cannot be disclosed, but Divya Khosla Kumar posted the name of the victim’s father and mother as well as their photo on social media. Divya wrote that…

Shocking and shameful act. I’ll tell you about them. This is a female actress. This is the same man who has accused Pearl of molesting his 5-year-old daughter on the sets of the TV show two years ago. There is a dispute between both of them regarding the custody of the daughter. The daughter is with her father for two years. So he is accusing his wife that her daughter is not safe with him, she used to take him to the sets, where Pearl did wrong with him. I think this man should be given the Filmfare Best Screenplay Award.