August 19, 2022



Disha Saliyan’s Mother Claims Sushant Singh Rajput Has Nothing To Do With Her Daughter’s Death

New revelations have been taking place in the case since Sushant’s father filed a case in Bihar. During an interview recently, the actor’s roommate Siddharth Pithani said that Sushant was upset about his name being added to the death of his ex manager Disha Saliyan a night before Suicide. On this, Disha’s mother said that the actor has no relation with her daughter. Even Disha had no conversation with him since leaving Sushant’s job.

According to an interview to Zee News, Disha’s mother told that for several days her family did not know that she used to work with Sushant Singh. she told that after leaving the job of actor, Disha had no contact with him nor did she have any interaction with any person in the industry.

Recently, in an interview to Republic TV, Siddharth’s roommate and friend Siddharth told that he had met him a day before Sushant’s death. When Siddharth met Sushant at 1 pm on June 13, he was troubled by Disha’s death. Disha was the actor’s ex manager, due to which some blind items were being written for Sushant as well. Sushant was quite upset after seeing all this. According to some news, Disha and Suraj were in Pancholi relation, that’s why the battle of Suraj and Sushant has also taken place.

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