September 24, 2021



Covi Shield Vaccine Approved In 16 Countries Only

The shooting of Bollywood films has started in the country, but the situation is still not clear regarding shooting in foreign locations. Corona Vaccine Coveshield has not received travel approval in many countries. Due to the travel ban in many countries, the shooting of films has also been stuck. If these circumstances do not improve soon, then many films will be delayed or will have to make changes in the location and script.

Europe’s destinations are the most preferred for foreign shooting, but it is recent that more than half of Europe has not received the approval of the CoveShield vaccine for travel. Now France has approved it. Even after this, the number of countries that have approved CoveShield from the European Union is only 16.

In fact, the European Union has prepared a digital Kovid Vaccine Certificate program for foreign travelers called Green Pass. This certificate tells which vaccine the traveler has taken. What is the result of his Kovid test and whether the passenger has recovered from Kovid or not.

So far only Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been approved to give this green pass. The Indian form of Europe’s AstraZeneca is the Coveshield. Nevertheless, most of the countries of Europe have not yet approved it.

The entry of travelers from India is still prohibited in most countries. Indians are getting admission in certain categories only. Some countries like the US have made admission valid for Indian students who have taken admission in their universities, but travel for film shooting cannot be done. Commercial international flights from India are also limited.

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