August 14, 2022



Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Attack On Narendra Modi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday held a fierce attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a press conference on the condition of deteriorating from Corona in the country. Rahul said that the Prime Minister’s gimmick is responsible for the second wave of Corona. They could not understand the corona. The death rate reported in the country is also a lie. The government should tell the truth.

Rahul said, ‘The government does not understand who it is competing with. The risk of mutation of this virus should be understood. You are putting the entire planet in danger. Because you are letting the virus attack 97% of the population and only 3% of the people have been vaccinated. ‘

During a conversation with journalists, Rahul was asked whether the wrong figures of deaths from Corona were reported in the Congress ruled states? To this, Rahul replied, ‘I also spoke to the Chief Ministers of Congress ruled states. I told him that he would be hurt only by lying. The actual figures of deaths can be disturbed, but we must tell the truth. ‘

Rahul also said that India is known as the world’s pharmacy. But the criminal mismanagement of Modi government and the mess of vaccine has endangered the lives of ordinary Indians. Now the time has come to move on from the lies, blurry scenes and the show of incompetent government. Answer should be sought from the Prime Minister and the Government, who have forgotten their duties and they have left the public at bay.

The Congress leader said, “Vaccination is the only defense in the midst of a rapidly growing Corona infection.” But the Modi government’s vaccination strategy has become a dangerous cocktail of mismanagement and mistakes. Our government has forgotten its duty regarding the scheme of vaccination. The government has become oblivious to the purchase of the vaccine. He deliberately created the digital divide so that vaccination was slow. The government was complicit in fixing different prices of the same vaccine.

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