August 19, 2022



Case Filed Against TV Producer Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Production

A case has been registered against famous TV serial producer Ekta Kapoor and her company Balaji Production in Amritsar court on Wednesday. The case has been registered in the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate on the complaint of Punjabi singer Singh Baljeet. The singer alleges that Ekta Kapoor has made fun of the Indian Army through a web series. However, it has not been decided yet when the court will next hear the case.

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Advocate Prakash Deep Kaur said that his client singer Singh Baljit has also filed a complaint against Ekta Kapoor, his father Jitendra Kapoor and Mahasabha Kapoor at the Majitha Road police station. It is shameful to have a pornographic web series prepared on the Indian Army under the banner of India. No citizen of this country can tolerate it.

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Baljeet Singh and his lawyer Prakash Kaur say that they have filed the case against Ekta Kapoor after talking to several army officers. Ekta Kapoor’s difficulties may increase now as the case is registered in the court of Amritsar. Singer Baljit Singh has also demanded a ban on this serial of Ekta Kapoor. Also called on Hindu organizations to raise their voice against Ekta production.

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