Bollywood Producer Boney Kapoor Says Arjun Kapoor Was Nothing Without Salman Khan

Bollywood Producer Boney Kapoor does not usually speak publicly about his children Arjun, Khushi, Janhavi and Anshula. In an interview to news agency INS, Bonnie spoke openly. He told that he is most loved by Khushi, the youngest daughter in the house. He also talked about his strained relationship with Salman.

Bonnie said about her daughter Anshula that, since childhood, she is the fastest at home in education, she completed her four-year graduation at Columbia University in three years and I am proud of her. He told that he wants the youngest daughter of the house, Khushi, the most. Khushi is studying abroad at this time. Significantly, both daughters are away from the film world.

Boney also spoke on the film careers of his two starkids Arjun and Janhavi. He told Janhavi that his work in the film Dhadak was good. It would be unfair to expect Sridevi’s acting from her debut with Janhavi. At the same time, he told about Arjun Kapoor that he always wanted to become a director, so I never thought of presenting him as a new hero.

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He told that, one day Salman Khan called me and said that Arjun should try his hand in acting because he has all the characteristics of an actor. During this, Boney said about his bad relationship with Salman that, unfortunately we do not have a good relationship now, but he prepared Arjun for acting, this is his favor to me.

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