August 19, 2022



Bollywood Actress “Soundarya Sharma” Stuck In Los Angeles Due To ‘COVID19’

Bollywood Actress Soundarya Sharma Done films like ‘Ranchi Diaries (2017)’ and ‘Meeruthiya Gangsters (2015)’ are caught in Los Angeles amidst corona virus epidemic. She went to study there. Colleges have closed due to Corona virus. Also online classes have been stopped. When Soundarya tried to return to India, his flight was canceled three times, which he did not get even a refund.

“I leave early in the morning to fetch household items, but the shops are a few miles away. They are also mostly empty. Even everyday items such as potatoes, salt, lentils are not available. I have for security,” said Beauty Not even a mask. Because it’s out of stock and not even available online. I’ve seen people fighting for even toilet paper and sanitizer. I cannot return home due to travel restrictions. Already three of my flights have been canceled without refund. My parents are very worried for me and I am also very upset. ”

Soundarya says, “I call Indian Embassy. Also sent mail. I tried to find out if Indians were being evacuated. But the reply from them was not positive at all. I am the only one stuck in this unknown country.” Unable to come home and can’t get any help from anywhere. ”

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What are you doing to keep yourself positive and safe? In response to this question, Soundarya said, “I have kept myself in isolation at home. I do not get out of the house unless there is a lot of need. I do yoga at home, so that one can compromise with fitness If I am a vegetarian, I also cook food at home.

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