Bollywood Actress “Parineeti Chopra” Will Not Use Body Double In Saina Nehwal’s Biopic

Bollywood Actress Parineeti Chopra was hurt in the shoulder during the shooting of Saina Nehwal’s biopic. She is not currently shooting and will be returning soon.

Parineeti said in an interview  – I was injured while taking badminton training. I am now resting. Because in the coming weeks, there is going to be practice and rehearsal tuff to play the role of Nehwal.

According to sources, Parineeti is not going to use any body double for this film. The director of the film Amol Gupte wants the reality in the film to be more. So she is the one to shoot every scene. The reason for Shraddha Kapoor leaving the film was her inability to look like an experienced badminton player. there was a problem with reverence for the game, she did not want to give enough time to get ready for the game.

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