August 14, 2022



Bollywood Actor Salman Khan and Akshay’s Films Will Not Be Able To Come On Eid Due To Lockdown From COVID 19

The entire Bollywood industry is in lockdown mode due to Corona virus. By normalization of these conditions, the industry may suffer more than two thousand crores. It is also clear that films of big stars like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh will hardly be released on Eid this year.

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Salman’s manager Jordy Patel, who is associated with the production of Radhe, says … “We are still unable to hold a meeting on the film. There is a lockdown till 14 April. It opens or is further extended, it is not even confirmed. We cannot compare to Hollywood films. Panorama Studios and Universal Studios have the power to hold their films for a year. We still have to see how long the cinemas will open. According to me, no film will be released on Eid. Even after the corona is postponed, it will take time for the situation to return to normal. ‘

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Trade analyst, Atul Mohan says… ‘Even after 21 days of total lockdown, the situation will not be normal immediately. In China, a month after the end of the lockdown period, there were experiments to open cinema houses, but tickets were almost zero booked. In total till June there is a loss of two thousand crores. Till June, at least makers of films like ‘Suryavanshi’ and ’83’ cannot afford to release. Another big reason behind this is that the Overseas Market, theaters are closed till May. Hence, without the overseas market, the makers would not take the risk of releasing big films.

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