August 14, 2022



Bhojpuri Actress Anupama Pathak Found Dead At Her House

After TV actor Sameer Sharma, the news of Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak’s suicide has been revealed. Anupama, 40 years old, hanged herself at her house in Dahisar area of ​​Mumbai on August 2.

Anupama had spoken live on Facebook before embracing death and indicated suicide. About 26 minutes later, his last post came on Facebook, in which he wrote, “Bye bye Good Night.”

Anupama is blaming herself for her death. She is saying – If I die today, there is no one responsible for my death. I am responsible for that myself. If any situation has arisen, then I am myself responsible for it, no one else is there. In it, the police, media, society should raise a finger on someone that he was a friend, he must have said something or he was a brother, he must have said something.

If someone said something, someone did something, then we created the situation ourselves, we gave that opportunity, so why should we point fingers at the other? We ourselves are responsible for that. Why should we blame anyone else? Just wanted to say this. Thank you everyone that you heard me. Now how far am I right, till what is wrong? You guys will decide this. But everything I have said is thoughtful. The rest of the people are happy.

The actress has also left a suicide note at home, according to which she took such a big step due to financial constraints. In this, he has also held a man named Manish Jha responsible for suicide. Anupama has alleged that the man took her two-wheeler in May, which it later refused to return.

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