‘Baaghi 3’ Director Ahmed Khan Raised Questions On The Concept Of Actress “Taapsee Pannu” Starrer ‘Thappad’

‘Baaghi 3’ has been released. The director of this film is Ahmed Khan, who is currently in discussion about his reaction to the movie ‘Thappad’. Ahmed has questioned the concept of ‘Thappad’ in an interview. ‘Thappad’ lead actress Taapsee Pannu has responded to Ahmed’s response.

Ahmed said in the interview, I found the concept of ‘Thappad’ very strange. I did not understand that if the husband slaps the wife, will the wife leave the husband forever? If she has a problem, she should slap the husband instead of one but two. If I slap my wife, she too can end the case by slapping me in return.If I tell her that I can’t live with her anymore then she can say the same to me but will a slap decide whether the couple can live together? However, everyone’s point of view may be different and the viewpoint of the situation may also be different.

Responding to Ahmed’s talk, Taapsee said, ‘He makes films on issues that he thinks are right and we do the same. Finally, it is the audience who gives the final verdict. In the Thappad, Taapsee plays a woman named Amrita who divorces her after eating a ‘Thappad’ from her husband at a party. The director of the film is Anubhav Sinha.

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