August 19, 2022



Around 38% Deaths In Himachal Pradesh Within Last 24 Hours

In Himachal Pradesh about 38 per cent of the Covid deaths in within last 24 hours during hospitalization, there is delay in seeking medical assistance is a major reason behind the high mortality rate in the state.

According to an analysis of the 2,752 deaths shows that about half of these took place either at home, on way to hospital or within 24 hours of being admitted to a health institution. 2,843 persons, of the 1,81,256 tested positive.

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur. Despite daily positive cases dropping from over 5,000 to below 2,000 currently, the 24-hour fatality count still stands around 55 to 60, which is quite high for a small state like Himachal. Where the data reflects that 49.8 per cent patients died due to delay in seeking medical help,” said Nipun Jindal, Mission Director, National Health Mission. He appealed to the people to watch out for the warning signs in patients, the main being oxygen saturation falling below 94 per cent even after a six-minute walk test.

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