August 14, 2022



Actress Juhi Chawla Filed A Case Against 5G Technology In India

Bollywood Actress Juhi Chawla is outspoken and expresses her opinion on every issue. Along with this, she also keeps people aware of safety, cleanliness and other important things. 5G technology is going to be implemented in India soon. Which is going to have a bad effect on the environment as well as the health of the people. For this, Juhi Chawla had been trying to create awareness among the people against the harmful radiation emanating from 5G mobile towers for a long time. She has also filed a case against it, for which the first hearing was to be held today. But now the news is coming, the petition of the actress was transferred to another bench and now it will be heard on June 2.

In this petition, Juhi Chawla has asked the Telecom Ministry of the Government of India to closely study the impact of the implementation of 5G technology on common people, all animals, flora and fauna and based on such reports Has appealed to take a decision on implementing and not doing in India.

In this case, the actress said, ‘We are not against advanced technology. We enjoy using the latest products which give us the best technology. Also in the field of wireless. However, we are also in trouble that our own research and studies related to wirefree gadgets and network cell towers clearly show that such radiation is extremely harmful to people’s health and their safety. ‘

So at the same time, Juhi Chawla’s spokesperson said in this matter, ‘Before the implementation of 5G technology in India, RF radiation will affect humankind, women, men, adults, children, babies, animals, animals, flora and the environment. The effects should be studied thoroughly and all the reports made or done related to it should be made public. It is necessary to clarify from such a study whether 5G technology is safe or not for the present and future generation of India and only then it should be considered to implement it. ‘

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