21 Year Old Bengali Actress Bidisha De Majumdar Commits Suicide

Popular Bengali TV actress Bidisha De Majumdar has committed suicide. On Wednesday evening, the body of 21-year-old model Bidisha was found hanging in her rented apartment in Dum Dum’s Nagarbazar. Bidisha had shifted to this flat only one and a half months ago. According to reports, the police have also recovered a suicide note from Bidisha’s apartment.

Bidisha’s family and her friends have told that there was some problem going on in their relationship, due to which they took this step. The news of the suicide of the budding model and actress has shocked everyone in the Bengali industry.

One of the close friends of the actress had called the local police suspecting that something was wrong with Bidisha. After calling them, the police reached the apartment and found the actress hanging, after which they had to break the door of the flat. According to reports, the police have also recovered a suicide note in which Bidisha has allegedly not held anyone responsible for her death.

Bidisha’s parents have already filed a complaint with the Nagarbazar police station and now it is an unnatural death. Police are waiting for the post-mortem report, which is expected to come today. According to close friends of the actress, Bidisha started freelance modeling in 2019 and since then she lived alone in the Nagarbazar apartment. However, some people are saying that she was depressed for a long time and had reportedly told her friends that she would end her life if nothing changed.

It is being told that the actress was in a relationship with a gym trainer. Nothing was going well in their relationship, due to which Bidisha was very upset. Bidisha’s boyfriend was dating many girls even after being in a relationship with her. Because of this, there was a rift in their relationship. A close friend of Bidisha told about this that the actress also talked to her about her deteriorating relationship. However, Bidisha did not face any problem in her professional life. Because he was getting constant work. But, she was troubled due to their relationship.

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