January 31, 2023

Rakhi Sawant’s Mother Admitted In The Hospital

A video of actress Rakhi Sawant has surfaced. In which she is seen in a hospital. Actually, during the live chat on January 9, Rakhi told that her mother Jaya Bheda has brain tumor and cancer. Because of which he is admitted in the hospital. Telling the condition of the mother, tears come in Rakhi’s eyes. This video of Rakhi is in the headlines on social media.

The video begins with a hospital, Rakhi crying and says- I came out of Bigg Boss house last night and I really need your blessings. Mother’s health is not good. She is in the hospital. Please pray for them. No one told me in Bigg Boss house that his health is fine. I did not know that he is admitted in the hospital, he has got a brain tumor.

Rakhi is telling in the chat that in the meantime two people associated with the medical staff appear on the camera, who tell that Jaya ji has a brain tumour. However, many test reports are yet to come. Hearing this, Rakhi says- ‘Please pray for my mother. Because I feel that prayer will cure my mother.’ Rakhi starts crying badly while telling her mother’s condition.

Fans got emotional after seeing this video of Rakhi. Actress Mahima Chaudhary wrote- My prayers are with your mother, she will get well soon. At the same time, one user wrote – ‘Please stay strong, everything will be fine.’ Another user wrote – Rakhi please you cry, mind, God will fix everything. Another user wrote – May God give long life to your mother. On this post of Rakhi, users are praying for her mother’s speedy recovery.

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