January 31, 2023

Chinmay Mandlekar Will Be Seen As Nathuram Godse

The film “Gandhi Godse Ek Yuddh”, releasing on January 26, is in limelight. The reason is that for the first time the side of Nathuram Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi, is being shown on the big screen. The trailer-teaser of the film also claims that Godse, who did not get a chance to speak, is giving this film.

The film is fictional, but the dialogues in it show the clash of ideas between Gandhi and Godse. This film for the first time brings Nathuram Godse on an equal footing with Mahatma Gandhi. The process of controversy and protest has also started regarding the film.

Marathi film actor Chinmay Mandlekar is playing the role of Nathuram Godse in the film. Dainik Bhaskar spoke to Chinmay on his Godse role. Chinmay also answered the questions with complete impunity. He said that Gandhi taught fearlessness and truth. He too did not know much about Nathuram Godse before doing the film. To put myself in Godse’s role, I read some books and listened to Nathuram Godse’s last statement in the court many times.

According to Chinmay, there is no doubt that Godse was a true patriot. This is also proved by his statement given in the court. Yes, his decision to kill Mahatma Gandhi was not right because the change for which he shot Gandhi ji never happened. Godse himself must have realized this at the time of his execution.

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