September 24, 2021



Why R Madhavan Traveled Alone In The Flight?

Veteran Actor R Madhavan is very active on social media. He has recently shared many of his videos with fans. In which he has told about his travel experience in flight during the Corona period. The videos that Madhavan shared were shot last month on July 26. When he was traveling in connection with the shooting. In the video, Madhavan showed that he was the only person traveling in the flight. In the first video, Madhavan is doing a complete tour of the flight.

The most surprising thing is that the entire plane is empty and he is the only person to travel. In his second video, he has shown the airport, which is completely empty. No human being is visible even at the airport. This scene itself is quite shocking and sad, which has also been mentioned by Madhavan himself. Madhavan has shown a view of the business class lounge in his last and fourth videos. Where there is no other person except him.

There is so much silence that Madhavan felt as if he was a ghost bungalow. Sharing this shocking video, Madhavan wrote, “July 26, 2021, amusing but sad. Praying that corona ends soon so that people can meet their loved ones. #Amerikipandit shoot in Dubai.”

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