September 24, 2021



Why Boycott Hungama 2 Says: Paresh Rawal

Bollywood Film Hungama 2 is in a ‘ruckus’ environment ahead of its release due to other reasons. The film’s main lead’s husband Raj Kundra is facing a flurry of serious allegations. The film’s producer Ratan Jain believes that he has nothing to do with the controversy. The film would have suffered if Shilpa Shetty had been the producer of the film.

Afraid that ‘Hungama 2’ may also have to bear the slogans of the film Boycott?
No. The film is of Venus. What does this have to do with them legally? If someone in someone’s family does wrong, will the whole family stop drinking food? They are not even my family. Shilpa has just done the job. If she was a producer, you could have done anything. Shilpa is only an actor in the film, not even a heroine.

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