October 5, 2022



Why Bollywood Actor Govinda Supporting KRK ?

Kamal Khan is in limelight these days because of controversy with salman khan where the team of salman khan given the legal notices. Kamal khan thanked Govinda for his support. But the same Kamal Khan has said Govinda some time ago even to Mentally Disturb and Unprofessional.

KRK wrote for Govinda in a tweet two days ago – Govinda Bhai, thank you for your love and support. I’ll never let you down.

Govinda Bhai thank you for your love and support. I won’t disappoint you! 4

What KRK had written for Govinda at different times was something like this.

In the first tweet- Govinda was the most unprofessional actor of his time. He drowned the loot of many producers. Even his brother in law. Today they have pauped themselves too. And the people of Bollywood do not even want to talk to him. God does justice to the world only as you do what you do.

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