October 5, 2022



‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ Postpone Till June 2021

Television Comedy The Kapil Sharma Show, which went off air in the last week of January, was to return this month (in May). But now this plan has become postponed. Sources close to the production house reveal that the channel has postponed the show till June. However, they are not sure about this either.

Sources reveal, “The reason for the show’s off-air in January was the unavailability of Bollywood actors. Films were not released in theaters, due to which Bollywood actors were not coming on the show to promote any of their films. For a few weeks the web Makers worked with series or TV actors. But this did not keep the show’s TRP as expected. Because of this Makers decided to take a break. As per the plan, the team wanted to return in May. But it seems to be happening. Not coming

Sources further state “The situation is much worse across the country due to the Covid epidemic. Makers know that in this situation it is not possible for actors to come on set. Earlier they expected Covid to be under control in May. But it did not happen That is why he canceled the show’s comeback plan this month. Makers will think about the show’s comeback next month if the shoot starts in Mumbai city of Maharashtra. If the situation does not improve then also in the next month Re-launch will be difficult. Actors and crew members associated with the show have been informed about it. ”


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