August 19, 2022



Television Actress Shagun Sharma Gets Rape Threats

Television Actress Shagun Sharma, who is playing the role of Sonu in the youth based romantic show ‘Ishq Per Zor Nahi’ is getting negative response from the fans for her on-screen role. Fans of the show are making negative comments on his social media posts. Shagun finally decided to speak up when a user started talking nonsense about his family. Even threatened Shagun with rape.
Shagun wrote in his post – It puts me in a very uncomfortable position when I am cursed for playing my role in a show. How do you expect the story to progress if all the cards are opened at once??

In an interview, Shagun has said – I always take criticism positive. I understand the feelings of the fans and their attachment to a character. And I ignore all these. But today when I read the comments about my family, things went awry. One has said that I should commit suicide while another has threatened rape. I thought the time had come to speak out against this insensitivity. I was a little apprehensive to post on Twitter as I wasn’t sure if the fans would understand me or not. But I found many fans who understood and stood by me.

This show is in trend these days due to the interesting story and many twists. Viewers are loving the romantic chemistry between Ahaan and Ishqui. The love-hate relationship between them and their funny style is also liked by the audience. The show is produced by Gul Khan and Deepti Kalwani and the show stars Param Singh, Akshita Mudgal, Shagun Sharma, Rajat Verma and Lakshya Handa.

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