October 20, 2021



Shahrukh Khan’s Duplicate Raju Lost His Work Due To Aryan Khan’s Controversy

Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, has been surrounded by controversies since the arrest of his son Aryan. Learning app Byju’s (BYJU’S) has stopped all the ads of the actor after the controversy escalated. Now after the actor, his lookalike is also suffering due to Aryan Khan drug case. Recently, actor Raju, who looks like Shahrukh, has told that after Aryan’s arrest, his upcoming programs have been canceled saying that people are not comfortable with the current image of Shahrukh.

Shahrukh’s lookalike Raju Rahikwar said in a conversation with News18, I was unemployed for almost a year due to coronavirus, as no events were happening. Things were starting to look better after the pandemic. I was supposed to be a part of a birthday party in Jaipur this 10th October. After a week, I had to attend a social gathering event in Jaipur itself, but both these events have been cancelled.

Raju further said on the reason for the cancellation of the event, “The organizers told me that people are not comfortable with the current image of Shahrukh Khan. It’s a matter of time. I am sure SRK will come back strongly. Raju was going to use the fees earned by Shahrukh’s acting in these events for the fees of his children, although he has no complaints with his godfather.

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